Jackie Deakin


For details of up-coming events,  Neale Donald Walsch in May 2014, click on links below:

Neale Donald Walsch

One of our finest spiritual leaders and award winning author of "Conversations with God" 

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Who I Am

I am a successful connector.  I specialise in bringing people together for the purposes of soul/spiritual growth, personal growth or just for the sheer pleasure of socialising and interacting with like-minded people. 
It warms my heart seeing people come together, finding shared interests and presenting valuable learning skills that will enhance their emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual journey and experiences through life. 

I have learnt through my own tough personal life how difficult life can be when you are having an insular experience and how beautiful life can be when you take that experience and turn it into one of connecting, communicating and co-working with others, which to me makes life worthwhile and meaningful.


Soul Midwifery 

A few years ago, after the death of my brother, Keith (pictured) I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a small group of people that practice Soul Midwifery. This is a unique but ancient practice whereby we facilitate a soul at the end of life and guide them gently back to their spiritual home as well as providing holistic therapies to help with the transition. This movement is gaining pace and becoming more widely recognised in the mainstream health structures and now being incorporated into hospices over the country.   Please see the Soul Midwifery Page.